B.S. Corner

Many women hire me because they are going through a life change that has left them emotionally drained, unhappy and "Being Stuck". I can motivate you, help you focus and move forward if you are:

  • de-cluttering for a simpler lifestyle
  • moving or downsizing
  • starting over, marrying, blending families, or empty nesting
  • recuperating from illness or living with health issues like menopause, fibromyalgia

Are you full of B.S.?

My work as an organizing coach has taken me into the homes of hundreds of women.  We women have a lot in common and talk pretty openly about what is going on in our lives. One topic that isn't always mentioned, but is a common cause of disorganization, is condition that I call Being Stuck or B.S.

B.S. is a phase we experience when all the things we usually do easily and routinely, are just not getting done. We “would'a, should'a, could'a,” all over the place, but for right now we just “can't, won't, don't wanna.” Some of the causes of B.S. may be depression, divorce, job loss, grieving, illness, recovery, hormone changes, life changes, or empty nest. Or maybe we've just lost our way, don't know how to get back on track, and have the blues.

I've included this section to let you know I understand about B.S. I've been hit with B.S. a couple times in my journey from girl to grandma. I have lots of clients who talk to me about their seasons of B.S. They may call and say they want to organize their kitchen, but end up telling me they could care less about their pots and pans, they are just STUCK. Instead of cleaning cupboards, we talk about how to lose weight, how to find a personal trainer, how to find new interests, or how to write an online dating profile.

If you are usually an organized person but are becoming uncharacteristically disorganized, maybe you are experiencing B.S. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. B.S. is usually temporary and curable. I know B.S. is temporary because I have been cured several times and have watched the joyful recovery of many of my clients. The solutions I offer regarding the B.S. condition are practical ones, sprinkled with encouragement, humor, and suggestions of new ways to look at your challenges. I invite you to call or email me regarding your possible B.S. symptoms. I guess you could say we'll B.S. about your B.S. (but that wouldn't be very professional or polite) so just get in touch and we'll see how it goes.

Wishing you the best life possible,

Nancy McGivney

Organizing Coach and B.S. Recovery Counselor

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