Nancy McGivney
Nancy with grandkids

My Approach

My passion is to help people live with less stress and better balance.

The testimonials on this site say a lot about who I am and what I do and I am proud to share them.

So many clients tell me they feel overwhelmed by their daily "To Do" list. I'd like to share a method to pare down that list by teaching you how to think about who and what is important to you, and then look at how you spend your time and energy to see if it matches up. There may not be enough time in each day to get everything done, but there is time to get the important things done- if you identify them, prioritize them, and act on them.

Every day my clients tell me about the benefits organization has on promoting an emotionally healthy home life. I have been a career woman, wife, working mother and stepmother for most of my adult life. I know first hand the challenges women and men face trying to juggle career and family responsibilities.

In the 1990’s, after 20 award-winning years in interior design sales, I stopped striving to be "perfect" and rewrote my definition of personal success. I started Getting Things Done by assisting friends and family with their daily struggles.

My business has prospered as a result of referrals from grateful clients, my growing knowledge of good service, products and systems, and the empathy, energy and enthusiasm I bring to each new opportunity.

Nancy McGivney

Where Do I Start?

My skills as a Life Coach enable me to help you with the emotional part of letting go and moving on that is a stumbling block for so many who want to simplify.

I am non-judgmental,confidential,encouraging and kind, and will also push you forward when necessary. My goal is to encourage you to keep only what is beautiful and useful so you can live simply and happily .

  • We look at what you already own and rethink things to display to their best advantage
  • We share creative ideas with you to make your home look great and fit your lifestyle
  • We help you consign, and find new treasures (and bargains) to give your home that finished look
  • When we hang the last picture you'll say "Wow, is this really my house?"